Warrick Series DF Standoff Kits


The Series DF Open Board Relay is mounted with either standoffs, screws, or on a retrofit plate.  The below explains more on each as well as provides part numbers to order in the likelihood that they need to be replaced.




1/16” Panel: 

These standoffs are used to mount within a panel.  The kit part number is 7763300, which includes the 1/16” standoffs and keystones.  Below shows the details of the 1/16” standoff:


1/8” Panel: 

These standoffs also are used to mount within a panel.  The kit part number is 7763307, which will include the 1/8” standoffs and keystones.  Below shows the details of the 1/8” standoff:



Screw Mount: 

The screw mount is a screw with a plastic through hole for the screw to go through and the board to sit on.  The kit part number is 7763308, it includes the screws, the PVC sleeve, and the washers. Below are the details:


Retrofit Plate: 

The retrofit option mounts the Series DF relay on a metal plate.  This retrofit plate has the same footprint as the obsolete Series 1 relays so it can be mounted in the same position.  You will need to order (5) standoffs, part number, 7763216, (2) keystones, part number, 7763218, and if you need another plate, part number 7763294.  

Please contact Gems for pricing and availability.