AG Series Valve Manifold Mount Correct Drilling


When planning to use a Manifold Mount body on a Gems Solenoid Valve, it’s crucial to design the interface properly so it accepts the ¼-28 UNF-2A or 5/16-24 UNF-2A mounting stud correctly and provides optimal flow and minimal pressure drop.  The Manifold Mount option is exactly what it sounds like, it provides the ability to mount the valve directly onto a manifold.  If planning on using Gems’ Manifold, you must select the MM3 option, 5/16-24 UNF-2A stud.  

Manifolds are an excellent pairing with valves for several reasons.

-          Provide a more compact solution by eliminating piping runs.

-          Allow for the ability to easily remove a valve for repair or replacement without having to undo two or three plumbing connections.

-          Eliminate unnecessary plumbing fittings which saves cost and decreases potential leak points.

The below images show how to properly drill the passages within your manifold to allow for optimal flow and low pressure drop.


Inefficient manifold drilling.  The over-seat hole is acting as a restriction because it is smaller than the under-seat hole and orifice.

Correct manifold drilling.  The over-seat hole is larger than the under-seat hole and orifice, therefore it does not act as a restriction. 

Maximum flow manifold drilling.  The over-seat hole is one large opening instead of two individual holes.  This allows for maximum flow and minimum pressure drop.

More detailed drawings are located on the AG Series catalog page.