SureSite Transmitters & Signal Conditioners Wiring Guide 


This guide covers the wire connections diagram for SureSite standard transmitter, high temperature transmitter, explosion proof transmitter, J-box enclosure signal conditioner, and panel mount-signal conditioner (plug-in base) for alloy, plastic, and mini SureSite versions.

*Note: wiring schematics for low and high temperatures are the same.


SureSite transmitters provide a resistance value, and they are paired with signal conditioners to convert that into linear voltage (VDC) or current (mA) output. Internal transmitter diagram example show here:

Signal Conditioners:

Junction Box Type


0-5 VDC Output Signal:


Part Number: 86156, 52536


0-12 VDC Output Signal:

Part Numbers 85997, 52537

4-20 mA Output Signal:

Part Numbers 86158, 152800

Panel Mount Type




4-20 mA Output Signal:

Part Number 112300



SureSite Signal Conditioners can be powered using a Gems provided power supply.

Examples of Power Supplies:







115 VAC to 24 VDC Power Supply:

Part Number 52560

230 VAC to 24 VDC Power Supply:

Part Number 52570

SureSite Transmitter clamp part numbers can be found HERE