Disclaimer: Please note, all information on this page referring to EP, XP, explosion Proof, Factory Mutual, or FM approval are for reference purposes only. Explosion proof products and part numbers for these models are obsolete and no longer available to purchase from Gems.

SureSite Transmitters & Signal Conditioners Wiring Guide 


This guide covers the wire connections diagram for SureSite standard transmitter, high temperature transmitter, explosion proof transmitter, J-box enclosure signal conditioner, and panel mount-signal conditioner (plug-in base) for alloy, plastic, and mini SureSite versions.

*Note: wiring schematics for low and high temperatures are the same.


SureSite transmitters provide a resistance value, and they are paired with signal conditioners to convert that into linear voltage (VDC) or current (mA) output. Internal transmitter diagram example show here:

Signal Conditioners:

Junction Box Type


0-5 VDC Output Signal:


Part Number: 86156, 52536


0-12 VDC Output Signal:

Part Numbers 85997, 52537

4-20 mA Output Signal:

Part Numbers 86158, 152800

Panel Mount Type




4-20 mA Output Signal:

Part Number 112300



SureSite Signal Conditioners can be powered using a Gems provided power supply.

Examples of Power Supplies:







115 VAC to 24 VDC Power Supply:

Part Number 52560

230 VAC to 24 VDC Power Supply:

Part Number 52570

SureSite Transmitter clamp part numbers can be found HERE