SureSite Flag Assembly Configuration


Flag channel assemblies are the same for mini, standard, and plastic SureSites.

Plastic flags part numbers begin with PP1. Plastic flags are flipped white-to-orange with rising liquid level and orange-to-white as liquid level falls.

Aluminum flags part numbers begin with AA5. Aluminum flags are flipped silver-to-black with rising liquid level and black-to-silver as liquid level falls.

To complete your part number, the type and length are called out separated by a dash.

PP1-length (0.5” increments)

AA5-length (0.5” increments)

Example part numbers:

PP1-18.5  = 18 ½ inches long plastic flag assembly

AA5-39  = 39 inches long aluminum flag assembly

You can search for many length specific completed part numbers on our website using our search feature located at the top right corner of our website.



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Search for flags here:

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If your specific length is not found, contact our customer service team here with your completed part number.

Don’t know what length to order? To determine length, you can either measure your existing flag channel, or if that isn’t available you can measure using the following guide.

With side flanges as pictured below (BM, BA, BP) measure C to C process connections plus 2” (two inches).


Any other connections measure the total indicating length required plus 2” (two inches).

flag6If you need to add mounting clamps for your flag assembly, a guide to choosing correct clamps is found HERE.