MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of Gems Sensors RFO Line



The RFO flow sensor is a paddle wheel device with a Hall effect pickup.  The life of the sensor is determined by the wear of the paddle/rotor.  The faster the paddle spins the shorter the life and the slower it spins the longer its life.  Testing date was done at 40% higher flow rates then maximum output to accelerate wear (260Hz). 


Gems has studied the effects of rotation speed and the table below correlates that for the various sensors we construct.  The same rotor and bearing are used in each of the different models listed below.  Also attached is a graph of the testing that was done.


The Hall effect sensor (which produces the electrical pulses caused by the magnetic rotor passing by it) is not included in this report.  Hall effect sensors have MTBF far in excess of life presented above.