SAFE-PAK® Relays and Zener Barriers Installation and Maintenance

SAFE-PAK® and Zener Barrier units are installed in a safe area and connected to the sensor in a hazardous explosion-proof or protective housings of any kind are needed. Units install singly, in any position...or can be grouped on a common, earth-grounded plate with mounting tabs to provide electrical grounding. No. 6-32 threaded electrical terminals are conveniently placed atop the unit housings. Barriers and relays may be grouped on a common, earth-grounded mounting plate. Intrinsically safe sensor wiring must be separated from non-intrinsically-safe input wiring in separate conduits or raceways to prevent by-pass during testing or servicing.


The only maintenance normally required is routine inspection approximately every two years or less to check integrity of earth-grounding and electrical connections, and to make sure the unit is clean.

Gems Sensors SAFE-PAK® and Zener Barriers must be installed in conformance with the National Electrical Code and the applicable Gems Sensors Instruction, Installation and Service Bulletin supplied with all units. Periodic checks of ground bonding and cleanliness of units and terminals constitute the only maintenance required.


Misapplication of intrinsically safe products may result in injuries or damages. The circuit diagrams present in this catalog are typical and may not represent your application.