SureSite® Flag Assembly and Integrated Magnetic Guide


SureSite® Indicators Are Superior To Other Magnetic Type Indicators

Here's Why:

It begins with a patented Flag Assembly and integrated Magnetic Guide.

Many Magnetic flag type indicators look the same, but look closer and you'll see they are not made the same. SureSite® Indicators are unique. They incorporate a patented design and special features that provide the ultimate in performance and reliable operation.

  • A permanent magnet, encapsulated into each flag, forms a secure magnetic interlock with adjacent flags. Proper alignment is assured, and is unaffected by shock, vibration, surges, or rapid level changes.
  • A Magnetic Guide (a SureSite® exclusive) enables the use of a more powerful bar magnet in the float assembly. The guide is integrated into the flag channel, so regardless of positioning, the bar magnet within the float is always aligned for optimum performance and exactness.
  • A powerful, permanent bar magnet lies in a horizontal position within the float. This preferred attitude directs the flux density of the magnetic field toward the flags. Flag rotation is positive and reliable.
  • Float capability to handle liquid specific gravity range as low as 0.40.