Types of Panels, Alarms, and Kits:


When it comes to control panels, Gems Sensors & Controls can provide the solution whether it’s simple or complex. If our standard panels do not fit your needs, we can custom design one that does. Gems offers a family of alarm, remote alarm and industrial level control panels that can interface with level switches and flow switches, Warrick® conductance probes and a variety of sensors. From point level to continuous level and hazardous to non-hazardous atmospheres, Gems can provide the panel and sensors you need. With each level control panel, Gems provides electrical and mechanical drawings along with installation and operations manuals. For more information on standard and custom panels, please contact the factory or your local representative.

Panel Products:


Warrick alarms are utilized for solving simple tank monitoring needs. They are designed to interface with a variety of leak detection or overfill sensors. Applications include refill alarm, overfill alarm, high level alarm and leak detection. 


If you need to automatically refill or drain tanks, wells or pressurized vessels, these convenient pre-packaged kits contain everything you need. These Warrick® level control kits combine all the know-how and components you'll need to add automatic control to pump-up/pump-down operations. Each kit is supplied with controllers, probes, electrical enclosures and full instructions.

Kit Products:

Panel, Alarm, and Kit Applications and Industries: