RFI-PW Potable Water Rotorflow

RFI-PW Potable Water Rotorflow


The RFI-PW Series is a FDA-compliant molded nylon and epoxy RFI-Type Rotorflow for compatibility with potable water applications. Flow rate is estimated, or simply confirmed by viewing the speed of the turning, high visibility blue rotor. Either port may be used for incoming flow, and bayonet mounting lens is easily removed for quick cleanout. RFI-PW Potable Water Rotorflow sensors are easy to see, easy to install and easy to afford for potable water applications.


3 - 5 days


RFI-PW Potable Water Rotorflow Catalog Page

    • Visual Indication RFI-Type Rotorflow
    • High Blue Visibility Rotor
    • FDA-compliant molded nylon and epoxy
    • Compatibility with potable water applications

    Wetted Materials
    Body: 316 Stainless Steel or Polypropylene
    (Hydrolytically Stable, Glass Reinforced)
    Rotor Pin: Ceramic
    Rotor: Molded Nylon/FDA Epoxy
    Lens: Polysulfone
    O-Ring: EPDM
    Low Flow Adaptor: Glass Reinforced Polypropylene

    Operating Pressure
    Stainless Steel Body:
    100 PSIG (7 bar) @212°F (100℃)
    200 PSIG (13.8 bar) Max. @70°F (21℃)
    Polypropylene Body:
    100 PSIG (6.9 bar) at 70°F (21℃)
    40 PSIG (2.8 bar) Max. @ 180°F (82℃)

    Operating Temperature
    Stainless Steel Body:
    -20°F to 212°F (-29℃ to 100℃)
    Polypropylene Body:

    -20°F to 180°F (-29℃ to 82℃)

    • Aerospace
    • Food and Beverage
    • General Industry
    • Water & Wastewater

    • Aerospace - Coffee Makers
    • Food & Beverage - Automated Water Dispense
    • Food & Beverage - Beverage Dispensing
    • Food & Beverage – Other
    • Food & Beverage - Specialty Dispensing
    • General Industry - Chemical Metering/Injection
    • Water & Wastewater - Chemical Metering/Injection