Gems Sensors & Controls is proud to introduce the newest members of our level sensing family. The latest addition to our point level line of sensors and switches is the versatile ULS-100 Universal Level Sensor, and we have expanded our offering of continuous level transmitters to include the fully programmable non-contact RLI-80 Radar Level Sensor.



Universal Level Senosr


  • Compact – Small footprint and less-intrusive flush sensing element for maximum flexibility
  • Reliable – Accurate and repeatable point-level detection with electronic solid state switching
  • Durable – Can withstand harsh conditions and outdoor environments with IP6k9k rating, wide temperature range, and high-pressure capability
  • Versatile – Reduces inventory and simplifies product selection by replacing several different sensor types for aqueous, oil, and hydrocarbon based media
  • Approvals – CE, RoHS
Radar Sensor


  • Non-contact design – Means no media ever encounters the Radar sensor.
  • Adaptable to Fit Your Specific Tank – Easy step by step programming
  • PVDF Housing Material – Resistant to high temperatures and chemically inert to most medias
  • Compact Design – Designed to adapt to restricted spaces
  • Ease of Specification – Made for a wide variety of tank designs
  • Approvals – UL, CUL, CE, ATEX/IECEX


For decades, Gems Sensors has served our global customers providing innovative sensors and controls solutions for the most demanding applications. Gems remains a trusted partner by delivering diverse point-level and continuous level sensing technologies. Our knowledge and experience will help you find the right sensing solution for your application.

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