Specialty Float Level Sensors

Single Point LS-3 Special Series Level Switch
LS-3 Series Magnetic Reed Sensor
  • Slosh Shield
  • Bottle Level
  • Low Level
Single Point LS-750F Special Series Level Switch
LS-700F Series Single-Point Level Switch
  • Overfill protection for refrigerant tanks
  • U.L. Recognized 
  • Provides 80% Full Shutoff Capability 

Single Point LS-750 Special Series Level Switch
LS-750 Series Single-Point Level Switch
  • Ideal for Use in Oils and Water   
  • Slosh Shield  
  • Supplied with Waterproof Cable 
Single Point LS-TH800 Special Series Level Switch
TH-800 Series Single-Point Level Switch
  • Ideal in Oils and Water
  • Level Monitoring and Temperature Switch in a Single Unit
  • Intermediate Size

Single Point LS-38760 Special Series Level Switch
LS-38760 Series Single-Point Level Switch
  • Small Size 
  • Cushioned Float 
  • Ideal for Oils and Water
Portable Level Switch
Portable Level Switch
  • Ideal for Controlling Filling Operations and Preventing Overflow 
  • Ideal in Oils and Water

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