Wheelchair Lifts using the PS71 Pressure Switch


Adding wheelchair lifts to automobiles and busses has been taking place for many, many years.  As the need for a more automated lifting system as well as the need to increase the lifting capacity, hydraulics and electronics are being added to the wheelchair lifts controlling system.    

When adding hydraulics to a system, feedback needs to be sent to the hydraulic pump to signal when it is time to turn the pump on (not enough pressure) and time to turn the pump off (too much pressure).  The pump needs a device to get feedback from. The device needs to be very accurate and reliable.  A person will be on the wheelchair lift so the lift needs to move to the exact location that is desired as well as be smooth and stable so the person is comfortable and feels secure.   

Challenge:  Finding a reliable and robust pressure switch that can repeatably switch on and off as the environment and temperature changes  

Using a pressure switch on any mobile device can be challenging.  These mobility vans are used both when the temperature is hot as well as cold.  The switch needs to operate at the appropriate set and reset points every time in order to operate safely and correctly while a person is on the lift. 

Solution:  The Gems PS71 Series Pressure Switches 

The Gems PS71 Series Pressure Switches feature an all metal internal design.  Low cost plastic internal parts can be affected by temperature changes.  As the temperature changes, the plastic parts can change shape which in turn can shift the set and reset points in a pressure switch.   Gems overcomes this deficiency by utilizing all metal internal parts that stay stable as temperature changes occur in its environment. 






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