Water Pumps – 3500 Series Pressure Sensor

Water pumps are used everywhere:  from the home to the farm to the workplace.  


  • In the home, they are used to boost the pressure from your water supply so that you have adequate water pressure on the 2nd or 3rd floor of your home 





  • On the farm, water booster pumps are used to move water long distances around the farm to irrigate the crops, provide water for the livestock or pump water to the top of the water tower 




  • At your workplace, water booster pumps will be located on the ground floor and pump water for toilets and washrooms on the upper floors as well as ensuring there is adequate pressure in your fire sprinkler system




Monitoring the water pressure coming out of the pumps is critical to ensure the proper pressure is maintained as well as monitor for irregular circumstances.    


Challenge:  Specifying a pressure sensor that has wetted parts compatible with water and can withstand water hammer 

When monitoring water pressure in a system that is connected to a municipal system, there are times when water hammer occurs.  Water hammer is when water moves around the system and hits valves or ends of the pipe and stops flowing very suddenly.  This sudden stop causes a shock thru the water system and spikes in pressure occur. 



Solution:  Gems 3500 Series Pressure Sensors  

The Gems 3500 Series Pressure Sensors are designed to withstand the environment and applications involving Water Booster Pumps.  Utilizing 316L Stainless Steel sensing area and two times over pressure protection, the Gems 3500 Series sensors are 100% compatible.  This will lead to accurate pressure readings as well as a long lasting solution for trouble-free operation. 



3500 Features and Benefits: 

  • 316L Stainless Steel:  compatible with most water systems 
  • 2x Over-pressure:  able to withstand water hammer 
  • UL approval:  Certain models carry the UL approval for use in Fire Pump Controls 
  • Exceptional Long-Term Stability:  No need for costly field calibration or replacement 
  • Thermally compensated:  Consistent performance under wide temperature conditions 
  • Enhanced RFI, EMI, and ESD Protection:  Clear Uninterrupted signal in harsh electrical environments 
  • Computer Controlled Calibration:  High 1:1 Interchangeability from unit to unit 
  • All Stainless Steel NEMA 4 Construction:  Rugged design to handle excessive shock and vibration conditions 




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