UNIVERSAL LEVEL SENSOR Application: Fire Truck, Emergency Vehicles


Specialized transmissions are needed for most emergency vehicles. They are designed to perform in tough environments under extreme circumstances. With advanced features such as power take-off and multiple reverse gear-sets, it is important to reliably monitor and maintain proper transmission fluid levels to ensure optimal performance and power. This requires a rugged, reliable sensing solution with long life to handle the conditions often present with the operation of these critical life-saving vehicles.


Challenge: Monitoring optimum transmission fluid level real-time is necessary between regularly scheduled preventative maintenance checks. The transmission fluid cools, lubricates, and transmits hydraulic power, so it is important that the proper fluid level be maintained at all times. This is accomplished using an electronic sensor. Typical sensor technologies like electro-optic and ultrasonic are susceptible to coating or build-up. This affects reliability and can produce false or absent signals.


Electro-optic and Ultrasonic sensor technologies both require the sensing elements be clear of build-up and coating. They may produce a false positive or false negative signal depending on their ability to accurately detect the actual fluid level given the condition of the prism (electro-optic) or probe (ultrasonic).

Gems Sensors’ New Universal Level Sensor (ULS-100)


Gems’ new Universal Level Sensor tolerates coating and build-up with a flush, PBT/PC blend sensing face. Its compact, rugged construction features a durable IPX7 & IP6k9k sealed design and a wide temperature range for use in harsh environments. The Universal Level Sensor was developed for reliable, uninterrupted operation in extreme aqueous, oil, and hydrocarbon applications.

Universal Level Sensor
 Features & Benefits: 

  • No moving parts
  • Durable sealed design – IPX7 & IP6k9k 
  • Resistant to coating and build-up
  • Wide temperature range
  • Good in harsh environments