Forestry Equipment Applications Using Universal Level Sensors

Off-highway forestry vehicles, such as the forwarder, are used to transport timber. They require many fluid types to operate from windshield washer fluid to high-pressure hydraulic oil.

Application Challenge:

Finding a single liquid level sensor, with no moving parts, that will reliably detect water, oil, coolant as well as fuel and will endure the harsh environment in the forestry industry. Forestry vehicles require feedback on the status of all fluid level containers on their vehicles, but they struggle with the different types of sensors required. The manufacturer needs to buy and stock several different styles of these liquid level sensors. Many different part numbers, in lower volume, lead to increased costs and adds to the warehousing of more parts than needed.


Application Solution:

Gems Sensors’ NEW ULS-100 Universal Level Sensor

The Universal Level Sensor does not rely on the characteristics (for example varying specific gravities) of the fluid to detect its presence or absence. It will reliably detect most any liquid. With its robust housing, IPX7 & P6k9k rating, and wide operating temperature range, the Universal Level Sensor is perfect for the most demanding conditions often present in forestry equipment. Having one sensor to replace the many types often required will ease product selection and reduce inventory.




Features & Benefits: 

  • Durable sealed design – IPX7 & IP6k9k
  • High-pressure range
  • Developed for the most rugged aqueous, oil, and hydrocarbon applications
  • Tolerates coolant coating – no false triggers due to old, dried on fluid
  • Wide temperature range
  • Small size – under 3˝ (75 mm) total length

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