Solenoid Valves used in Ventilators

Gems Sensors manufactures subminiature solenoid valves that are used within medical ventilators. Unfortunately, over the last few year we all learned more about this medical device from its use in treating patients ill with COVID-19. The main principle behind ventilators is to provide optimal lung ventilation. There are two primary ventilator applications, gas blending and diaphragm pump control.  

In the gas blending application, a source of pure oxygen needs to be diluted with ambient air. The percentage of oxygen concentration is adjusted based on the patient’s condition, which is controlled by the healthcare professional.   

In the diaphragm pump control application, the patients breathing is assisted on both inhale and exhale. low-pressure pump helps push a volume of concentrated air into and out of the lungs. This diaphragm pump is indirectly controlled by a pilot solenoid valve. Each time the patient takes a breath the valve will cycle open. A pressure sensor is used to determine whether the breath is inhale or exhale.     


Challenge:Designing a solenoid ventilator valve capable of working with pure oxygen, is light and small enough to fit within a portable ventilator and consumes very low power.   


Solution: Gems Sensors Subminiature Solenoid Valves: E, G, and M Series Valves 

Gems Sensors subminiature solenoid valves are a great fit to work within medical ventilators. They are extremely small in size and weight.  Specifically, the M Series is less than 2 oz in weightThis is critical for a portable application when weight needs to be considered for ease of movement between patients.  All three-valve series have coil options that consume no more than 2 watts, and as low as ½ a watt, which is also critical for a portable applicationIn addition, all subminiature solenoid valves are configurable which allow for multiple different seal, body ports, voltage, and coil construction options. Gems Sensors subminiature solenoid valves are an excellent fit to work in the demanding medical ventilator application.