Small Pressure Sensors for Power Crimp/Cutting Tools



As our infrastructure grows at a steady rate, the need for more efficient job-site tools is always present.  In the construction industry, workers are automating as many steps as they can during the installation of an electrical panellarge gauge power lines, guy-wires or plumbing.   Traditionally, the tools that crimp or cut large gauge electrical wires are used with two hands and require a large amount of strength to use. 


The industry is calling for a battery-operated device that can be used with one hand while using the other to hold the item being cut or crimped. With that, the tool needs to be small in size and very powerful. Power tool manufacturers are using a small hydraulic pump inside the power tool to create the power needed to crimp or cut a wire that can be up to 1.5 inches (40 mm) in diameter. With this hydraulic pump, feedback is required to monitor the cutting or crimping process. 



Finding a small and accurate pressure sensor that can withstand the wide temperature ranges, as well as the shock and vibration that the pressure sensor will be exposed to inside a hand-held power tool on a job site. 

Traditionally, pressure sensors tend to be on the larger side.  Approximately the size of a spark plug or a small flashlight: 


Gems customized 3100 Series Pressure Sensor 

Utilizing small 1” (25 mm) long by 0.75” (19 mm) in diameter 304 Stainless Steel body, the custom Gems 3100 series pressure sensors are small enough to fit into the manufactures hydraulic battery powered hand tool but robust enough to survive being dropped or left out in the rain during normal, daily use.  Even with this small size, the sensor can accurately measure up to 10,000 psi (700 bar) of hydraulic oil pressure. 

Features of the Gems 3100 Series Pressure Sensors:

  • Exceptional Long-Term Stability = No need for costly field calibration or replacement 
  • Thermally compensated = Consistent performance under wide temperature conditions 
  • 304 Stainless Steel body = Able to with stand harsh chemicals and gasses 
  • Passes 40G Vibration test and IEC Free Fall test = Rugged design to handle excessive shock and vibration conditions