Series 3G Configuration Help


When configuring a Series 3G it is important to know the correct Probe Type selection as it’s a little different than the other Warrick Fittings.  The Series 3G has three probe type options, labeled 1, 2, 3.   



Option 1 should be selected when pairing the 3G fitting with 3R probes, as it comes with female couplers to accept the ¼" threads.  Pictured below.   


Option 2 should be selected when pairing the 3G fitting with 3T probes.  It will include the necessary components (ceramic cap, PTFE sleeve, washer, and nut) to accept the 3T probes.   


Option 3 should be selected if you want to use these with the Series 3W wire suspended probes.  However, this option provides only a through hole with an O-ring for the 3W wire to pass through.  You may also select Option 1 and use the 3Z1B adapter which can then thread into the couplers, similar to a 3R probe.    






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