Agricultural Seed Planter Depth Control Using Pressure Transducers


Since its invention, the seed planting machine has helped to greatly increase harvest yield. Today’s machines have adjustable downforce to make planting accuracy even easier. To do this, an air compressor on the tractor provides the pressurized air to the cylinders which act as an air-bag system.  The operator can put more or less air in the air-bags which in turn puts more or less weight on the planter wheels and allows the planter to plant the seed deeper in the soil.


Challenge: Accurate and consistent planting depth

The challenge with this application is controlling the seed planter attachment to allow the seed to be consistently planted in the soil. This is done by adjusting the weight transferred to the wheels via air-bags.  An on-board air compressor is utilized to feed air to the airbags which an operator can turn on or off to keep the desired pressure. Deutsch4P


Solution: Gems 3100 Series Pressure Transducer

The solution is a Gems 3100 Series Pressure Transducer with integral 4 pin Deutsch Connector. This solution can withstand moisture ingress and provides continuous and accurate cylinder pressures to aide in the control of planter wheel weight which allows the planter to plant the seeds consistently and deeper in the soil.