PS71 Pressure Switch for Fire Protection Equipment


Most installations of computer servers, cooking areas, commercial spaces, mechanical repair facilities all need some type of active fire suppression systems in place to keep their occupants safe in the remote chance that there is a fire.  Fire suppression systems typically involve some sort of fire suppressant media that is housed in a cylinder.  In order to push that media out of the cylinder, the cylinders will use an inert gas (like Nitrogen) to keep the fire suppression media under pressure and push it out of the cylinder when it is time to go to work.    


To alert the building operations team that there has been a fire, once the cylinder releases its media, the drop in pressure in the system is sensed by the pressure switch and the pressure switch changes state.


Challenge:  Finding a reliable pressure switch that will be ready to work when it is needed 

Often times, these fire suppression systems will go unused (hopefully) for many years.  But, when they are called into action, they need to work the first time.  Some pressure devices can take a set and stay in a pressurized state and never detect the change in pressure.  This can cause the fire to grow and people can get hurt. 

Solution:  The PS71 Series Pressure Switch 

The PS71 has been tested and approved by numerous fire suppression OEMs to be used on their fire suppression systems to detect the drop in media pressure.  The PS71 can stay in one position for a long period of time and still be able to switch states when the time comes. Also, the PS71 has a very reliable set point so that the system will trigger at the appropriate moment. 






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