PS71 for Crane Outriggers

Crane manufacturers continue to push the envelope on how high and how far they can extend their booms to gain the farthest reach for their customers.   As the crane extends the boom, the base vehicle needs to be stabilized to prevent tip-overs.  Crane manufacturers use outriggers to extend from the vehicle and make contact with the ground so the boom stays steady in the air. 


Challenge:  Finding a reliable, robust pressure switch that has a high proof pressure 

As the boom is extended and starts to work by picking up heavy items, swinging them into position, windy conditions, etc., the pressure in the hydraulic system can spike up.  These spikes, if not, monitored and controlled, can damage sensors if they are not designed for that type of application.


Solution:  The PS71 Pressure Switch  

With the PS71’s high proof pressure (the amount of pressure a device can be exposed to without any damage) of 6000 psi / 414 bar and high burst pressure (the amount of pressure a device can be exposed to before it comes apart) of 9000 psi / 621 bar are designed for applications on outrigger cranes.   

The PS71’s can also be used as a secondary backup monitoring pressures in the hydraulic system.  If they detect that too much pressure is on one of the outrigger arms, this could be indicative of an unbalanced load.  When the PS71 pressure switch sees this high pressure, it can trigger an alarm to alert the operator and indicate where the problem is so they can correct the situation safely. 




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