PS11 on X-ray machine cooling loop


As X-ray machines are becoming more and more sophisticated, the manufacturers are adding high-power electronics to the machines to add extra features and options.  With these added electronics, heat is generated inside the machines.  Excessive heat can lead to short equipment lifetime or even premature failure. 


To overcome this heat, X-ray manufacturers run a coolant loop around the electrical equipment containing either a glycol-based coolant or even an oil-based coolant.  Monitoring this coolant is tricky for they are usually running at low pressures (under 15 psi / 1 bar) and OEM’s desire that the set points be very accurate to ensure that cooling is under control. 





Challenge:  Finding a reliable pressure switch that is capable of accurate low switching capabilities and long life-time expectancies. 

When dealing with any equipment in the medical field, including X-ray machines, they are typically installed for very long periods of time and must be at the high end of reliability.  Having a piece of medical equipment breakdown during use is frustrating to the operator and even more frustrating to the patient to whom this equipment is being used with!!  Uptime is the most critical characteristic that the solution must exhibit.   


Solution:  The Gems Sensor’s PS11 Low Pressure Switch 

The PS11 features a wide variety of elastomer and film diaphragms (to ensure wide media compatibility), long life internal microswitch (that has proven to be accurate even after 2 million switch cycles) as well a large diaphragm (that ensures the switch has accurate low pressure set points)

Full PS11 Low Pressure Switch details can be found Here 


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