Pressure Sensor for Agriculture Fertilizer & Seed Planter

Agriculture Fertilizer and Seed Planter

Agriculture fertilizer and seed planters help farmers optimize the planting process to maximize crop yields. The fertilizer and seed planter attachments are precision systems attached to farm tractors and typically consist of 32 air cylinders utilized to control the planted seed depth. Each air cylinder is pressurized to exert more/less force to control the depth of planting the seeds. The location/force of each cylinder is monitored by load-cells. An air compressor on the tractor provides pressurized air to the cylinders which act as an air-bag system. The pressures need to be accurately controlled to turn the compressor on/off to keep the air tank pressurized. The operator can apply more/less air in the air-bags which in turn applies more/less weight on the planter wheels and allows the planter to plant the seed deeper in the soil.

Challenge: Planting depth control

The operator of the machine needs to control the seed planter attachment to allow the seed to be planted deeper/shallower in the soil. The operator can adjust the weight transferred to the wheels via air-bags. The on-board air compressor utilized to feed air to the airbags and needs to be controlled to ensure correct seeding takes place. The pressure sensor is exposed to harsh environments and is expected to handle a wash-down of the planting vehicle after operation.






Solution: 1100 Series Pressure Sensors

Utilizing a 304 Stainless Steel body, the Gems compact and rugged 1100 series pressure sensors offered with integral 4 pin Deutsch connector and rated to IP67 has been proven to survive the harsh environment while measuring continuous accurate cylinder pressures to aide in the control of planter wheel weight allowing the farmer to control the depth of the seeds planted in the soil.

This extra protection will lead to accurate pressure readings as well as a long-lasting solution for trouble-free operation.

Features of the Gems 1100 Series Pressure Sensors:

  • Exceptional Long-Term Stability = No need for costly field calibration or replacement
  • Thermally compensated = Consistent performance under wide temperature conditions
  • 304 Stainless Steel body = Able to with stand harsh chemicals and gasses
  • Sealed to IP67 = heavy water spray, power-washing
  • Enhanced RFI, EMI, and ESD Protection = Clear Uninterrupted signal in harsh electrical environments
  • Computer Controlled Calibration = High 1:1 Interchangeability from unit to unit
  • Passes 40G Vibration test and IEC Free Fall test = Rugged design to handle excessive shock and vibration conditions



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