NEW!  Sub-compact Pressure Sensor


Need to reduce your equipment weight or fit a pressure sensor where space is limited?  Look no further.


Introducing the new Gems Sub-compact Pressure Sensor


At less than 25mm length (+ lead-wires) and 13mm diameter our new pressure sensor
“packs a punch” offering the same robust performance as similar pressure sensors at a quarter of the size



  • Outputs:  Current & Voltage
  • Pressure Ranges: from 0-150 thru 0-10,000 PSI (In standard increments between)
  • Electrical Connection: 1.6” lead-wires (PVC) with 4 Pin JST Connector
  • Multiple Pressure Ports
  • Construction:  All Welded Stainless Steel
  • Length = 25mm + lead-wires
  • Diameter = 13mm
  • Weight 1.3 ounces



  • General Industry
  • Medical Equipment
  • Portable Equipment
  • Hand-Tools
  • Breathable Apparatus
  • Wear-able Equipment


Click HERE to Download the Product Guide