Motorcycle Shocks, featuring A Series Solenoid Valves

Motorcycle air shocks have steadily improved over the last several years and have become more popular. Air suspension technology has advanced from initial designs that were too bulky and slow to respond, to today’s air suspension systems that are lightweight, efficient, and offer fast response times.  This allows motorcycles to have a softer and more comfortable ride and provide the ability to adjust the height for ease of getting on and off.  One of the main components of an air suspension system is the solenoid valve.  The solenoid valve controls the flow of the compressed gas to properly fill the suspension system or exhaust it to the atmosphere when necessary.     


Challenge:  Designing a compact solenoid valve that can handle the high vibration of being placed near a motorcycle engine and endure the force of the bumps from the road.  In addition, being powerful enough to handle the high pressure from the compressor and being able to survive the elements with little protection.


Solution:  Gems A Series Solenoid Valve 

Gems A Series Solenoid Valve is an excellent valve to work within Air Suspension Systems.  It’s less than 2” overall height ensures it fits within the small footprint available on a motorcycle.  In addition, when used as an Operator, the valve can be threaded into the customer’s unique manifold or body, decreasing the footprint to less than 1”!  With custom body materials available like aluminum, this greatly helps OEMs save precious weight which is crucial for a motorcycle application. 


It’s offered with all stainless-steel options to help limit corrosion, and with an epoxy encapsulated coil the A Series valve can survive being exposed to the elements.  This direct acting solenoid valve offers a fast response time of only a few milliseconds.  This ensures the air suspension system responds rapidly to the ever-changing pressure dynamics in the system.  This robust 2 or 3-way miniature solenoid valve is available in numerous port configurations, orifice sizes and seal combinations, ensuring it will fulfill the requirements of any air suspension system.     


Gems A Series Solenoid Valve is an extremely cost-effective solution in the competitive motorcycle shock industry.  This subminiature solenoid valve has proven to be an effective and reliable valve for OEM air suspension manufacturers for decades.    


 Additional Sensor Options for Air Suspension Systems: 

  • B Series Valve: Slightly larger than the A Series for increased flow requirements
  • PS61: OEM Subminiature Pressure Switch