Level Sensing in Mobile Agricultural Equipment


Low coolant level detection in large tractors is needed to protect the engine from overheating. This requires a simple, reliable sensing solution with long life to handle the conditions often present with agricultural equipment.

Application Challenge:

Commonly used traditional float-type level switches experience shorter life spans due to moving parts affected by vibration in a moving vehicle. Installation/orientation issues for correct product placement cause switch to operate poorly or fail to function at all.

Float-type sensors used in these applications are subject to reliability and longevity concerns due to moving parts. Detecting falling coolant level requires the loss of liquid to physically move the mechanical float and close the internal reed switch. Additionally, overloading the reed switch will also result in reduced life cycle performance. Installing side mounted float switches can be challenging since precise orientation is important for accurate or even functional operation.



Application Solution: 

Gems Sensors’ Universal Liquid Level Sensor (ULS-100)

The Gems Universal Level Sensor utilizes solid state electronics without the need for moving parts or reed switches. This makes it more resistant to vibration and eliminates mechanical failure. The IP6k9k durable sealed design along with a wide temperature range make it ideal for harsh outdoor environments. The Gems Universal Level Sensor can be installed easily in any orientation without affecting the sensing/switching behavior.



Universal Level Sensor
 Features & Benefits: 

  • No moving parts
  • Durable sealed design – IP6k9k 
  • Ease of use – simple installation
  • Wide temperature range
  • Excellent in harsh environments