Hydraulic Pressure Sensors: 3200 and PS61 series


When working with Hydraulic oil under pressure, the entire hydraulic system needs to be extremely robust to withstand the unexpected pressure spike in the system. Pressure spikes occur when the system sees pressure above the expected levels due to impacts of heavy objects, a hydraulic press trying to shape a thick piece of steel or eve an operator observing an non-ideal situation and responds by hitting a break sending a high pressure spike thru the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic oil systems can also be exposed to a high number of pressure cycles if the operation it is driving is cyclic (like stamping or pressing ) or even when the sensor is monitoring a pumping operation (like an Auto-Idle circuit on a piece of farm equipment ).  The sensors need to be able to survive and not change their characteristics when exposed to a high number of cycles.



Challenge:  Accurately provide pressure feedback even in over-pressure situations  in a hydraulic application as well as over a high number of  hydraulic cycles 

Continuous pressure sensors are used in the controls for the hydraulic application to monitor where the pressure is in the system at that moment in time.   They send either a voltage or current signal to the  controller that helps make decisions like:    Do I need to add more pressure?  Do I need to reduce pressure ?  

Pressure switches provide the controller with a switch ed on or switched  off output when the pressure reaches a predetermined threshold .  For example:  the pressure might be set at a  low setting indicating that the oil level in the system has dropped below an acceptable level and needs to be looked at.  Another scenario is a pressure switch set at a high setting indicating that too high of a pressure is in the system indicating an overload situation.   In both applications, the pressure switch sends a signal to the controller and can either react automatically or turn on a warning  light indicating there is an issue. 

Solution:  3200 Series Pressure Sensors and  the PS61 Series Pressure Switch 

The 3200 Series Pressure Sensors are designed to withstand up to three times  their rated pressure range (up to 62 ,500 psi / 4,300 bar) .  This is also referred to as Proof Pressure.  Combined with the 100 million cycle rating makes the 3200 Series Pressure sensor the perfect solution for high pressure /high cycle applications. 

The PS61 Series Pressure switches are designed for pressure spikes up to 7,000 psi (483 bar) no matter the pressure setting, even if it is as low as 500 psi (35 bar).   The PS61’s are also designed and tested for over 2 million cycles.  



Adding the 3200 Series Pressure Sensors and PS61 Pressure Switches to your hydraulic applications is a large asset  to ensure your equipment will have a long life and low maintenance need. 

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