How to Ensure High Uptime of FT-330 Flow Turbine

Note: The FT-330 Flow Sensor is no longer available. This page is for existing applications only. For new applications see our FT-110 Turbine Flow Sensor.

Gems FT-330 Flow Turbine sensor is a continuous flow rate sensor utilizing a turbine and a hall effect sensor.
To ensure high uptime and minimal downtime, please review the below potential issues and how to prevent


Fluid contamination or improper chemical compatibility between the wetted components of the sensor and
the media is crucial to proper operation of the flow turbine.  Review the wetted components to ensure the
media is chemically compatible to the turbine, shaft, bearings, and body.  Improper compatibility may cause
components to prematurely break down, and/or swell which can limit proper spinning of the turbine.


Debris within the media is another factor to consider. Debris or fibrous material can become wrapped or
lodged around the turbine, shaft, or bearings which can jam the turbine.  We recommend a minimum 50-micron
filter prior to the sensor to prevent any debris from clogging the unit.  Viscosity of the fluid is also important for
proper operation.  Too thick of a liquid will not allow the turbine to spin freely causing incorrect readings.  Only use
with liquids of viscosity between 32 to 81 SSU (1.8 to 16 Centistokes).


Over spinning is another issue to be aware of as it can cause bearing damage from the turbine spinning to fast. 
This may happen if flow rate is continuously above the flow range it is designed for.  Ensure the normal flow rate
is within the flow range of the specified flow turbine.  Over spinning may also occur if compressed air is blown
through the sensor to dry out remaining media.  This is not recommended and will lead to damage of the bearings. 


Scale buildup from mineral depositing inside of the flow turbine can also lead to failures as it can clog or slow
down the turbine.  Descaling the lines can help prevent this mineral buildup. 


Adhering to these above guidelines will ensure high uptime and long-life expectancy of your flow turbine.