How Gems Supports Laser Machines for Skin & Surgical Treatments


Laser machines are primarily used for aesthetic skin treatment, such as tattoo and hair removal. This type of machine is also able to reduce wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and treat dull skin. However, lasers can also be used for surgical treatments such as kidney stones and disc herniation. 


Challenge: Prevent overheating and failure of the system

Lasers inherently produce large amount heat as a by-product of the laser generation. To maintain the integrity of the laser, it must be cool during operation. If the amount of flow for coolant drops below predetermined levels, the system will overheat and the system will fail.


Solution:  FS-500 Series Flow Switch and RFO Type Electronic Flow Sensor

FS-500RFO Flow Sensor

Cold water is circulated in a loop around the laser to remove the excess heat generated by the system, thus protecting the laser equipment. Gems flow sensors are placed at the back end of the cooling loop ensure that cool water has passed through the entire loop. This is critical to the proper operation of the laser system. When a flow switch is in place a signal is sent to a controller anytime the coolant flow drops below a certain critical level and the laser can be shut off.


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