Get to know Gems' XM-XT 300 & 700 Float Type Level Sensors


Compact, versatile and designed for reliable performance in a lightweight package is how we describe our XM-XT 300 & 700 float type level sensors.


XM_XT300&700_previewThe XM-XT 300 & 700 are ready to serve your tank monitoring applications. From reagent level control to  HVAC air conditioning systems,  seminconductors and  printing our float type continuous level sensors are adaptable to fit your tank needs. Gems also has an array of electrical output selections available to adapt to customer’s needs while limiting sensor footprint.


Other benefits include:

  • 14 standard mounting options
  • Configurable lengths and outputs
  • Small footprint for flexibility in restricted spaces


Download our product guide now to learn more about how XM-XT 300 & 700 is adaptable to fit your tank needs.