Power Generation and Gems Products

Power Generation and Gems Products

What is Power Generation?

Power generation or electricity generation produces electric power from sources of primary energy. Sources include heat (thermal) energy, wind energy, solar and chemical energy.

At Gems Sensors, we have served the power generation industry for decades providing innovative sensors and controls solutions for demanding power generation applications. Gems remains a trusted partner for some of the leading power generation equipment manufacturers with rugged pressure switches and pressure sensors, durable flow switches, and various level sensing technologies. Gems expertise and knowledgeable teams can assist in providing reliable sensing solutions at OEM prices to fit your application.

Gems Product Benefits

  • Safety – Advanced warning of critical conditions
  • Predictive – Real-time monitoring of  measurable fluid status
  • Versatile – Compatible with nearly all liquid media
  • Durable – Robust construction, withstands high vibration
  • Resilient – High IP ratings, wide temperature range
  • Space Saving – Small footprint, designs ideal for mobile applications

Gen-Set Solutions

RLI-80 Non-Contact Radar Level SensorRLI-80 Non-Contact Radar Level Sensor
  • Non-Contact Continuous Radar Level Sensor
  • Bluetooth® Configuration & Setup
  • Resistant to Debris, Temperature & Pressure Changing Conditions
XLS-1 Ultrasonic Point Level Sensor
  • Point Level Sensing Solution
  • All Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Detects Oil, Water, Coolant & Fuel
3100 Pressure Sensor
  • Continuous Pressure Sensor
  • Vibration Resistant
  • IP67 & Wide Temperature Ranges
MiniAlloy_SureSiteMini SureSite® Mini-Alloy Visual Level Gauges
  • External Visual Level Indicator
  • No Sight Glass
  • Only 1.25” Diameter
LS, XM, XT-800XT-700 Continuous Level Transmitter
  • Continuous Float Level Sensor
  • Highly Configurable
  • Compact Size
PS61 Pressure SensorPS61 Pressure Switch
  • Subminiature Pressure Switch
  • Highly Configurable
  • Resistant to Vibration
FS-380FS-380 Flow Switch
  • Compact Inline Flow Switch
  • Compression, Barb & NPT Fittings
  • Rugged Brass or Stainless Steel