Gems Pressure Sensors Manage the Suspension on Coal Mine Haul Trucks

Coal mine haul trucks are essential for removing overburden (layer of dirt above the coaland transporting the coal once excavated from underground. The miners will store the overburden and replace it when done mining. Monitoring the weight of the load ensures that the trucks are not overloaded, which could reduce equipment life and cause a safety hazard. Multiple sensors on the truck allow the equipment to work efficiently and safely.    

ChallengeConvert from outdated pressure dial gauges to analog output pressure sensors 

Most trucks in the field are still using pressure dial gauges to measure their haul load. On new trucks, dial gauges are becoming outdated and are being replaced with a solid state (no moving parts) analog output pressure sensor.  The pressure sensor monitors nitrogen-charged accumulators on the struts of each wheel to measure load weight and is expected to withstand high shock and vibration while surviving in the harsh mining operation environment.  The information read by the sensor is then displayed in the cab of the truck for the driver to make decisions with. 

Solution: 3200 Series Heavy Duty Pressure Sensors

Our 3200 Series Pressure Sensors provide accurate pressure readings to the operator via the display.  The 3200 Series can withstand high shock and vibration and over-pressures to ensure continued operationIn addition, our 3200 Series can be specified as a dual pressure and temperature output sensor with deflator pressure port (aka Schrader valve) to enable mating to the nitrogen accumulators. Our solution enables operators to better monitor the load on vehicles to ensure continued productivity and safety, while also allowing for ease of installation 

The 3200 Series Pressure Sensors are the Heavy Duty versions of the popular 3100 series pressure sensors.  The 3200 series have a higher over-pressure rating (a.k.a. as Proof Pressure): 

This extra protection will lead to accurate pressure readings as well as a long-lasting solution for trouble-free operation. 



Features of the Gems 3200 Series Pressure Sensors: 

  • Exceptional Long-Term Stability = No need for costly field calibration or replacement 
  • Thermally compensated = Consistent performance under wide temperature conditions 
  • 304 Stainless Steel body = Able to with stand harsh chemicals and gasses 
  • Sealed to IP67 = heavy water spray, power-washing 
  • Enhanced RFI, EMI, and ESD Protection = Clear uninterrupted signal in harsh electrical environments 
  • Computer Controlled Calibration = High 1:1 Interchangeability from unit to unit 
  • Passes 40G Vibration test and IEC Free Fall test = Rugged design to handle excessive shock and vibration conditions 


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