Pressure Sensors for Fuel Cells


Fuel Cells are a green alternative to traditional gasoline or diesel-powered motion used in public buses, forklifts, refuse trucks, backup generators, etc. They are clean burning, give off no emissions and only have water as it’s by-product. One of the energy sources needed to run a fuel cell is hydrogen (the other is oxygen). In order for the fuel cell to run efficiently, the pressure in the hydrogen side of the system needs to be continuously monitored.

Challenge: Finding a pressure sensor that can withstand the harshness of hydrogen over extended periods of time

Hydrogen can attack and break down certain metals and make them brittle. This brittleness can cause the diaphragm to fail and leak. Leaking hydrogen into the atmosphere is very dangerous for it can be flammable. Also, if hydrogen accumulates in a confined area, it is an asphyxiant.

Solution: 3500 Series Pressure Sensor

Utilizing 316L Stainless Steel, the Gems 3500 Series sensors are 100% compatible with Hydrogen Fuel Cell systems. This will lead to accurate pressure readings as well as a long lasting solution for trouble-free operation.

Features of the Gems 3500 Series Pressure Sensors:

  • Exceptional Long Term Stability = No need for costly field calibration or replacement
  • Thermally compensated = Consistent performance under wide temperature conditions
  • 316L Stainless Steel wetted parts = Able to with stand harsh chemicals and gasses
  • Enhanced RFI, EMI, and ESD Protection = Clear Uninterrupted signal in harsh electrical environments
  • Computer Controlled Calibration =High 1:1 Interchangeability from unit to unit
  • All Stainless Steel NEMA 4 Construction = Rugged design to handle excessive shock and vibration conditions

Additional Sensor Options for Fuel Cell Systems: 

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