Drinking Wells Featuring Series 3W Wire Suspended Probes

Drinking Water Wells provide a large source of drinking water to the US and around the world.  When surface fresh water is not available its necessary to drill deep wells to tap into underground aquafers and water sources.  Many of these wells can be several hundred feet deep before they reach clean water.    

Pumps are then placed into the wells so they can pump the water to the surface.  It is much easier to push water then it is to pull water through a vacuum.  However, having a clear and reliable method on when to turn the pump off can be a challenge.   

Challenge:Provide a small no moving parts sensor that can be placed deep within a drinking well and sense when the well is dry to protect the pump from being damaged.   

Solution:  Warrick Series 3W, Wire Suspended Probe   

The Series 3W, Wire Suspended Probe is an excellent choice for a deep well application.  The Series 3W consists of a stainless-steel electrode encased within a protective plastic shield.  This protective shield helps ensure the electrode does not come in contact with fellow probes or the side of the well casement, causing a false indication.  The Series 3W probe is constructed from materials that are safe to use within a potable water application.     

The Series 3W electrode is paired with the 3Z1A suspension wire that can be ordered in lengths up to 5000 feet!  This ensures it can work in almost any drinking well depth.  It’s simple yet reliable design ensures many years of uptime.  Since the Series 3W probe has no moving parts or electronics within it, there is very little that can fail.  The probe is connected to a Warrick Series 16 conductivity relay that takes advantage of water’s natural conductive properties to complete a circuit and cause the relay to actuate.  The wires can be field cut to provide the user precise accuracy, and repeatability for years.  


Additional Sensor Options for Drinking Wells: