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Custom Sensor Solutions

When a standard off the shelf product just won’t do, take a look at Gems Sensors custom solutions. Whether you need a simple basic modification to one of our parts or a fully engineered fluid management solution that integrates fluid control and sensing technologies, our engineers have you covered. Gems Sensors offers Basic Modification, Simple Manifold, Value-Added & Sub-Assemblies, as well as Integrated solutions. 

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There are virtually an infinite number of options for both value-added modifications and customization of Gems sensing technologies. Customizations are available for all products!

  • Basic Modification
    • We can do a simple modification to ease your assembly process or to tune the product’s performance to your requirements 
  • Simple Manifold
    • We can take your existing hardware and simplify it to eliminate redundant or complex plumbing and interconnects

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  • Value-Added & Sub-Assemblies
    • We can do a value-add to ease your assembly process


  • Integrated Solutions
    • We can design your fluid control and sensing requirements into a plug-and-play module to minimize the size and maximize performance

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Have any questions regarding Customization?

Are custom products more expensive than standard products?

Typically people will think that custom products more expensive than standard products when they add up the bill of materials without taking into account labor and overhead. Custom products can actually be less expensive than a standard off the shelf product for a few reasons: Even standard commercially available products require some custom bracketry or adaptations to make them work in an OEM assembly. The total cost of ownership is decreased by having a single vendor to source and expedite from. And as an added benefit, custom products can free up your engineering to work on core technology rather than packaging.

Are lead times on custom products longer than standard products?

Whether a requirement calls for standard or custom product, each solution can still be implemented within relatively short lead times. In many cases, Gems custom lead times are shorter than those of most other industry standard products. Plus, for many of our OEMs have Kanbans in place (A Kanban is a pull system where a quantity of finished goods sit on our shelves to be shipped in bulk when needed).

For global, larger volume OEM applications, Gems can also proceed to simultaneous localized custom manufacturing. This is supported via its three fully equipped, ISO certified facilities located in North America, Europe and Asia. Such an approach allows for reduced lead times and logistics costs, as well as rapid customer response. All products are manufactured and tested to the same high-quality and rigorous performance standards, regardless of location, for expedited delivery and reduced time to market.

What modifications can I make to your standard products? / Where can I find a list of available customization options?

If we tried listing them, we would be limiting what is possible. There are virtually an infinite number of options for both modifications and customization of Gems sensing technologies. Our customization expertise can further extend into the incorporation of multiple technology types within a single application. For more direct assistance with your application, please call our sales and engineering team on 1-855-877-9666. Or, feel free to simply use our convenient Contact Us form, and a member of our team will be in touch within one business day.


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