CRN (Canadian Registration Number) Approval Explained and Benefits for our Pressure Sensors for applications in Canada

What is a CRN Approval?

The CRN (or Canadian Registration Number) is the method that each Province in Canada uses to register and track devices that hold pressure.  This includes boilers, vessels, hoses, piping, fittings as well as pressure sensors.  Each province in Canada has its own CRN system so devices that require a CRN will need to be certified by each province1. 


Why is there a need for an approval? 

The CRN system was put in place to ensure that the above devices are able to contain the pressures that they are intended to contain.  The standard promotes safe design, construction, installation, testing as well as facilitating uniform specifications required by Canadian jurisdictions.  Simply, any device that holds 1 bar (14.5 psi) of pressure or more and is sold and/or used in Canada needs a CRN. 


What does Gems have to offer? 

The 3100/3200 series pressure sensors all have been thru the CRN certification process and hold CRN registrations in every Canadian province: 


CRNs for the 3100/3200 Series Transducers 

Canadian Province or Territory and CRN:

  • Ontario  - 0F17333.5                                  
  • Quebec - CSA-0F1494.6 
  • Nova Scotia - 0F6726.48 
  • New Brunswick - 0F6726.47 
  • Manitoba - 0F6726.4
  • British Columbia - 0F6726.41
  • Prince Edward Island - 0F6726.49 
  • Saskatchewan - CSA-0F1494.6 
  • Alberta - 0F15348.2 
  • Newfoundland and Labrador - 0F6726.40  
  • Northwest Territories - 0F6726.4T 
  • Yukon - 0F6726.4Y 
  • Nunavut - 0F6726.4N 



Specifying the 3100/3200 series pressure sensors that are approved via the Canadian Registration Number process ensures that not only are your customers using a safe device but also a properly certified device. 







1. The CRN is going through a harmonization process where a CRN for one Canadian Province will be valid for all provinces.  No set date for this change to be finalized has been determined.