Cooling Towers Featuring Warrick Relays, Probes and Fittings

Cooling towers are essentially large heat exchanges that use air and water to remove excess hear from an industrial process.  The excess heat is dumped into the body of water through pipes The water on the surface will evaporate which causes a cooling action and thus helps reduce the water temperature. Common applications for cooling towers are in oil refineries, chemical plants, thermal power stations, nuclear power stations and HVAC systems.   


Challenge:  Cooling towers must maintain a proper water level for the system to work properly.  

Running low or completely out of water will cause the system to overheat and damage critical equipment.  On the other hand, overfilling the tank with water can be just as disastrous as it can cause damage to equipment below.  Finding a low cost, low maintenance system that can control the liquid level between two points can be a challenge.   


Solution:  Warrick Relays (Series 16 and DF) along with Fittings (3E, 3F, 3G) and Probes (3R, 3W) 


Warrick relays work based on conductivity by using the liquids natural conductive properties to complete a circuit.  The Warrick conductivity relay sends a low voltage and low current out to the metallic probe.  When there is water on the probe the current will travel through the water to the ground or reference probe back to the relay, completing the circuit.  The relay will see the return voltage and open or close the load contacts depending on the controller’s logic.  In addition, the fittings that hold the probes above the tank are rated for outdoor use, allowing for placement in multiple applications. All these features and benefits make Warrick relays, probes, and fittings an excellent choice for cooling towers. 


Key Benefits:  

  • Low-cost solution 
  • No moving parts solution 
  • Probe length customizable in the field 
  • Solid state relay enables long product life 


Additional Sensors: 

  • LS-800, multi-float level switch 
  • LS-700, compact multi-float level switch 
  • Series 26, Low water cutoff conductivity relay