Coolant Level Sensor in Power Generators

Coolant Level Sensors in Power Generators

Power generation or electricity generation is the process of generating electric power from sources of primary energy. Those sources include: diesel, heat (thermal) energy, wind energy, solar and chemical energy.

At Gems Sensors we have served the power generation industry for decades providing innovative sensors and controls solutions for demanding power generation applications. From rugged pressure switches and pressure sensors to reliable level sensing technology, Gems is a trusted partner for some of the world’s leading power generation equipment manufacturers.

Application Challenge:

Finding a cost-effective coolant level sensor that is impervious to buildup and moisture intrusion to address the needs of the power generation application

Some sensors that may fit these power generation applications are a bit pricey and fail to meet the required quality. In the past, finding the correct sensor that is compatible with coolants while being resistant to the inherent coating and suitable for use in these high moisture applications has been difficult. However, Gems offers a viable technical solution within a budget while meeting the critical coolant level sensor design criteria.

Application Solution:

Our ULS-100, Universal Level Sensor is compatible with coolants and is the ideal OEM solution for power generation. The ULS-100 is a compact level sensor that allows for maximum flexibility designed to sense liquid and harsh chemicals while ignoring foam, coolant coating and condensation. The cost-effective ULS-100 solution prevents moisture intrusion with its durable, sealed design to IP67 and IP6K9K standards.



“The Gems coolant level sensor has been reliable and consistent, as we have experienced close to a ‘zero’ failure rate. Great Product.” - Andrew, Gillette Generators

Additional Sensor Options for Power Generation:

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