CAP-3 and CAP-300 Comparison

Gems Sensors & Controls capacitive level sensors, CAP-3 and CAP-300 are alike by design and in functionality. They both use the capacitive operating principle for point level detection of the presence of liquid. They are often used as coolant level sensors, but are also well suited for food & beverage, medical, and HVAC applications among others. 

The design benefits for both include mounting in any position, compact construction, coating tolerance, and very little to no maintenance required. 


So why two models? The CAP-3 is the simplified version of the CAP-300 for OEM volume purchasing consideration. By narrowing down the choices for configuration and options, Gems is able to offer aggressive high volume pricing opportunities without sacrificing quality, dependability, or functionality. 



As shown above, in order to achieve the pricing levels to keep our OEMs competitive, the CAP-3 specifically features this streamlined configuration: 

  • Smaller Temperature Range 
  • Limited mounting Options 
  • DT04-3P Deutsch Connector Only 
  • Brass Housing Only 
  • Standard Configurations Only, No Specials or Customs 


Gems can offer OEM discounted pricing on orders or releases of 100 pieces (this is the minimum order requirement for the CAP-3), and even higher pricing discounts are available for higher volume purchases. 


The CAP-300 expands the options and configuration choices to include: 

  • Extended Temperature Range 
  • 5 different mounting options 
  • 3 Pin Deutsch, Flying Leads, or Cable Connections 
  • Brass or Stainless Steel Housing 
  • Optional Delays 


Download Gems CAP-3 and CAP-300 catalog pages:

  • Click HERE for the CAP-3 catalog page. 
  • Click HERE for the CAP-300 catalog page. 


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  • CAP-300 FAQ (all but elec termination apply to CAP-3 as well). 
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