Automatic Hydraulic Level System for Recreational Vehicles

Automatic Hydraulic Level System


Hydraulic level systems on Recreational Vehicles (RV) automatically level the vehicle when it is parked. This ensures a more comfortable living experience within the RV. Nobody wants to spend valuable vacation time manually leveling the RV after a long drive! In addition, no one wants to spill their drink from an unlevel table!

Challenge:  Finding a pressure sensor that can withstand high vibration, handle high moisture areas, and be cost effective to work within a Recreational Vehicle application.

Pressure Sensors come with a variety of IP ratings, mounting styles, wetted materials, and electrical connection options. There are numerous pressure sensors on the market that come close to fitting the requirements, but many are expensive, too big, or difficult to source.

Solution: 1100 Pressure Sensor for Recreational Vehicles

Gems’ 1100 Pressure Sensor has stainless steel wetted components, a small footprint, an IP67 rating to withstand the elements and has been tested to withstand up to 40 Gs of vibration! These elements create a robust pressure sensor ensuring the hydraulic system is working correctly and efficiently.

The 1100 Series Pressure Sensor has passed rigorous testing standards of some of the largest Agriculture and other Off-Highway Vehicle OEM manufacturers and is the trusted choice for many.

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective pressure sensor that your customers can depend on, look no further.

Additional Sensor Options for Automatic Hydraulic Level Systems:

  • XLS-1: Ultrasonic level switch for hydraulic reservoir
  • XM/XT-800: Continuous level transmitter for hydraulic reservoir
  • XM/XT-700: Continuous level transmitter for hydraulic reservoir

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