Programmable Electronic SAFE PAK® Relay

Programmable Intrinsically Safe SafePak
  • Designed for use with switches or sensors monitoring flow, pressure, level, etc.¬†
  • They render non-voltage-producing sensors intrinsically safe for operation in potentially hazardous areas¬†
  • Streamlined housing suited for group-mounting on a common earth-grounded plate for multiple installation¬†
  • UL recognized, FM, CSA and evaluated by MSHA

Operations such as normally open, normally closed or latching are programmed into these versatile Safe Pak® units by the user during installation. Selection is made by simply connecting sensor wiring (and jumper wire when required) to the proper terminals on the unit as diagrammed on opposite page. All units are programmable, except where otherwise indicated. 

Safe Pak® Relays can be supplied with any of the following options on special order. Please consult factory.
- With optically isolated operation
- With zero-crossover load switching
- Longer time delays
- Rail-mounting clip (in addition to standard mounting tabs)

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