Types of Specialty Solenoid Valves:

Latching Valves

BL Latching Valve

The BL series latching valve allows the user to pulse the valve and have it change state without the voltage needing to be constantly applied to hold it in a state. BL latching valves are ideal in remote location to control larger pneumatic valves if power is limited or when the temperature of the media cannot be impacted as it flows through the valve. Pneumatic valves can open and close large pipes and latching solenoid valves can control them. 


Humidifier Solenoid Valves

Humidifier Solenoid Valve
Originally designed and manufactured for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), the humidifier solenoid valve is now available as a replacement solenoid valve for in-home and commercial humidifiers. Available in two orifice sizes, the humidifier solenoid has a brass body and is constructed with an in-line strainer for added protection to humidifier water lines.

Specialty Solenoid Valve Applications and Industries: