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The Gems Pressure sensors listed below are now obsolete, and the best possible replacements are in the chart below. A complete review of your application is required to ensure physical fit, environmental & media compatibility, and application conditions (e.g., submersible, intrinsically safe, and explosion-proof are no longer available). The potential solutions below offer high accuracy, wide pressure range options, and some of the best price-to-performance in their class. Request application assistance, configure yours, and request a quote today!

1200, 1600, 2200, 2600, 22IS, 26IS, 12IS, 16IS, 12CS, 16CS, 22CS, 26CS, 22FA, 26FA, 6700, 9000, 9600, 4700, 4000, 4241, 4264, 5000, 1700, 2800, 31CA, 32CA, 31EA, 32EA, 31EP, 32EP, 31CS, 32CS, 31IS, 32IS, 31US, 32US

SeriesPressure RangeMeasurementOutputs
35005-600 PSI (0.35-40 bar)Gauge, Absolute, CompoundCurrent, Voltage, Ratiometric
11000-10,000 PSI (0-700 bar)Gauge, SealedVoltage, Ratiometric
3100/32000-32,000 PSI (0-2,200 bar)Gauge, SealedCurrent, Voltage, Ratiometric
809Vacuum-10,000 PSIG (-1-690 bar)Gauge, Sealed, Compound, VacuumCurrent, Voltage
8560-10,000 PSI (0-690 bar)Gauge, NEMA 4/IP65Current, Voltage

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