LWC-720 Series Low Level Cut Off with Pump Control

Buy LWC 720 Series Warrick Low Level Water Cut Off Control at Gems Sensors
  • Internal Mounting 
  • Includes Pump Control Switch, Logic and Relay
  • Meets CSD1 Requirements 
  • U.L. Recognized "Limit Control" 
  • Compact Size 
  • Options Include: Manual Reset, Power Outage Feature, and Test Feature

Gems LWC-720 is designed for boiler low-water cutoff protection, and offers the most compact internally mounting package for boiler and steam generators. In addition to the low level cutoff switch, the LWC-720 Series includes a high level switch, control logic and relay for pump-up control.  For added safety, the sensor assembly incorporates redundant reed switches at the actuation level. The LWC-720 Series is ideal for R.O., distilled, or deionized water systems. 

Optional Features:  
  • Power Outage feature allows for resets after nuisance power outages; 
  • Reset Button feature to be used when device has been deactivated due to low water condition. A Reset is activated only after water has returned to normal level.

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