Series 3S Warrick Electrode Fitting

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The 3S Series electrode fitting is designed to provide isolation of electrodes from liquids containing solids, grease, soaps, sludge, rags, paper and other debris commonly found in wastewater and sewage pumping applications.  Isolation is accomplished by enclosing wire suspended electrodes within a 1-1/2" (38 mm) galvanized pipe assembly with a neoprene flexible bulb installed on the lower end of the pipe. The bulb and pipe assemblies contain 3-1/2 quarts clean water with one ounce of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).  When mounted in a sump, the pipe and bulb assembly is acted on by the hydrostatic pressure exerted by the liquid outside the bulb. Assuming the density of the liquid outside is equal to water, the height of the water inside the bulb will equal the height outside.


  • Sewage 
  • Water/Wastewater 
  • Storm Runoff