Learn About the Gems Guided Wave Radar

Dave Curry, Design Engineer of level products highlights features of the RLI-G Guided Wave Radar including its easy set-up and installation.

Video Transcript:

Gems has several new products arriving in the new future. Including our newly launched guided wave radar product line, the RLI-G. It's no moving parts tank level sensor is highly accurate, durable, and configurable to your specific tank needs.

With the addition of the guided wave radar, we've expanded our continuous product offerings for all shipboard applications as well as for those in the industrial space. This new product is designed to work in both conductive and non-conductive media with di-electric valves as low as 1.4.

This guided wave radar is designed to be accurate in .2 inches of liquid level and its output is independent of variations in di-electric constant, temperature, pressure, and density. Gems Radar product puts a premium on durability. The RLI-G product can handle high process temperatures and it has a wide pressure range. This also meets the requirements of IP-67 moisture and ingress protection.

This product is also adaptable to your application and it will help eliminate design constraints. Our radar product offers worry free installation with your choice of process mounting and sensing elements. Plus an accurate 4-20 mA output signal with standard HART protocol.

In terms of set up, Gems Radar products are easy to install and program, can be configured to fit your specific tanks via integral programming module or via Gems-View software. The rods and cable lengths can be modified in a few simple steps, and these units will self-configure to media dielectric constant for applications from fuel to coolant. This product line is a fit for any sized tank, any size boat, anywhere.

We are proud to welcome to the RLI-G Guided Wave Radar product to the Gems family of continuous level indication. For more videos and further information please visit us at gemssensors.com.