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PDTF Series Temperature Switch

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PDTF Series temperature switch is a factory set sensor for the protection of all types of internal combustion engines, pumps, compressors, gear boxes, hydraulic reservoirs, marine and industrial power plants. Model PDTF will withstand acceleration to 8G. Its compact and rugged construction allows it to be mounted in the toughest OEM applications. The PDTF utilizes a liquid filled capillary to sense temperature changes. The liquid expands as the temperature increases causing the capillary pressure to increase.


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CE ROHS Gems Compliant CSA


  • 70°F to 285°F (20°C to 140°C)
  • Withstands Acceleration to 8G
  • Small Capillary for harsh applications
Zinc Plated Steel
Maximum Temperature
55°F above Set Point
Maximum Pressure
350 psi
Resistive 5 Amp, Inductive 2 Amp at 12/24 VDC and 125/250 VAC
Setting Tolerance
19°F (9°C) Average

Gems Sensors Instructions, PDTF Temperature Switches

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  • General Industry - Test & Measurement
Please clarify the Maximum temperature specification of 55 °F (25C) above set point for a PDTF temperature switch?

Depending on the setting of the device, each one has a maximum limit based on a temperature range. Here are the limits for each range. Range 1: 68 -106°F max temp 161°F Range 2: 106 -147°F max temp 202°F Range3: 147 - 183°F max temp 228°F Range4: 183 - 228°F max temp 283°F Range5: 228 - 284°F max temp 339°F Example: The limit on a setting of 75°F can be found in range 1. 68 - 106°F, maximum limit is 161°F. So the maximum temperature the sensor can see is 161F.