Overview of Pressure Switches:

Types of Pressure Switches:

Adjustable Pressure Switches

Pressure-Switches - Adjustable
Gems Sensors is a leading manufacturer of both adjustable pressure switches and factory set pressure switches. Some typical applications would be as an air compressor pressure switch where the compressor could be set with the adjustable pressure switch to complete the circuit (turn on the compressor) to increase the pressure and then turn off the air compressor pressure switch once the desired maximum pressure set with the adjustable pressure switch has been achieved.72 Similar settings with an adjustable pressure switch can be achieved with a water pump pressure switch where the water pump pressure switch can be set to control the water pressure within a desired pressure range.

Adjustable Pressure Switch Products:

Vacuum Pressure Switches and Sensors

Pressure-Switches - Vacuum
Vacuum switches are designed to open or close an electrical circuit when a predetermined set point is reached. Gems vacuum pressure switches are often used in demanding applications where extreme shock and vibration can occur. Typically they can be found in HVAC/R, food and beverage, and medical industries.

Vacuum Pressure Switch Products:

Solid State Pressure Switches

Pressure-Switches - Solid-State
Offering exceptional accuracy and stability, these solid-state switches employ sophisticated sputtered thin film sensors. They provide excellent repeatability in high shock and vibration environments, and are superior to mechanical switches in high frequency cycling applications. An optional Communications Interface enables Set Point, Reset Point, and Time Delay programming in the field.

Solid State Pressure Switch Products:

Pressure Switch Applications and Industries: