Plunger Lift Pressure Switch for Oil and Gas

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Accurate Pressure Detection in Plunger Lift Systems

The Problem:

Plunger lift systems offer an effective and low cost means of improving well productivity by removing water that prevents gas from coming out of the well. They use gas pressure buildup in the casing-tubing annulus to raise a steel plunger, which traps water above it to the surface.  Given the presence of explosive gas fumes within the application environment, intrinsically safe and explosion proof pressure transducers are sometimes required.  Latching valves are used with the OEMS controller and the entire system gets CSA rated, however the solenoid has no individual rating. 

The Solution:

Gems has recently redesigned its latching valve series for greater dependability for cold climate conditions. These valves are ideal for remote applications where power is limited. Gems sells pressure transducers to monitor the tubing and casing pressures on these plunger lift wells. These sensors record how fast a well can obtain the pressures required to lift the water from the well.   When water is removed from the well its gas production increases.

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