Commercial Marine Tank Level Indicating Systems

Gems Tank Level Indicating Systems have been proven invaluable in a variety of marine applications over the years.  Along with Gems digital and analog receivers they provide sophisticated remote tank gauging in large and small tanks that is both simple to set up and easy to maintain.  Highly reliable float technology is used to provide accurate monitoring, application versatility, and years of trouble free service.

Float technology offers many advantages for shipboard operation.  It is direct: Gems pressure transmitters measure the actual fluid surface position.  And, unlike sensors that extrapolate travel from other measurements, Gems sensors are unaffected by changes in pressure, temperature or specific gravity; these common changes often require recalibration and compensation in other sensor technologies.

The transmitter is vertically mounted in the tank and connected by cable to a remotely located receiver.  Our pressure transmitters consist of a stem assembly along which a magnet-equipped float travels with liquid level.  Housed within a sealed stem assembly is a voltage divider (a network of reed switches and resistors) extending over the full indicating length.  A regulated DC voltage divider is applied across the transmitter while the float assembly moves with liquid level to close magnetic reed switches.  This results in a varying tapped-off electrical signal, proportionate to tank level, which is transmitted to a Gems indicator (or receiver) of some kind.

XM-XT-36490 Tank Indicator XM/XT-36490
Flanged, transmitters mount to stand pipe, shown with J-box electrical connection.  ABS certified.

XM-XT-800 Tank IndicatorXM/XT-800
Shown here with Buna N float and NPT plug mount.  These compact units feature 1/4" resolution, and are available with voltage or signal conditioned (4-20mA, 0-5 VDC, 0-12 VDC, 0-100mV) output.  Lengths to 120 inches (300 cm).  Resistive outputs available.

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